1. Select your woodland type below
  2. Then either:
    • Zoom in or search to find your wood on the satellite image and click the 'search by map click' button, and move cursor to drop a pin on your wood. You can repeat this as necessary in different locations in your wood.
    • Or, enter your grid reference in the box below and click 'search by OS grid ref'
  3. See the results below. This is a list of priority species in your wood's local area, based on available data. See the downloads for your wood.
  4. If logged in, you can save your searches for future reference. This is important if you want to keep a number of searches for different areas of your woodland holding.


First select woodland type:

please select a woodland type

These are an indication of important species in or near your wood. It is not a list of species in your wood and appropriate checks must be carried out for all protected species.

Downloads: catering for different species - worked examples

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